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# Planet

A way better way. Everything we do at Nü is based on experience and scientific fact. We are obsessed with finding the most nutrient packed locally-sourced produce and preparing it to deliver every single ounce of goodness in a delicious package.

We care deeply for our planet and are committed to doing the best we can for the health of the environment and our customers. There are a few ways we are working toward making our business as sustainable as possible:

Eating Plants to Save The Planet.

Plant-based foods use vastly less water and emit less greenhouse gases than animal-based foods. Our menu is 80% plant-based – making it easy to choose more sustainable & healthier options.

Thoughtful Packaging.

Our smoothie cups are made from 100% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. All smoothies in-store are served in glass, and we offer paper and corn starch biodegradable straws. – no plastic! #NüPLANET

Local Suppliers

We source the freshest local ingredients, reducing our carbon footprint. We choose our suppliers carefully – using free range and those that practice sustainable farming.

Energy Efficient

We use sustainable cooking techniques, using induction cookers with no fryers – minimising our electricity usage.