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21 January 2022

Terms and Conditions for Nu & Burnt Giveaway 

Terms and Conditions for Nu & Burnt Giveaway 

Giveaway Terms & Conditions

When Burnt or Nü Food hosts a giveaway either on any of their own platforms or on the platform of another company these terms and conditions apply. The giveaway winner will be selected by means of a random draw and the judge’s decision is final. Giveaway items are non-refundable and no-returnable. Giveaway prizes cannot be redeemed for cash. By entering a giveaway you accept that Burnt or the hosting company of the giveaway has the right to make use of your contact details. You also accept that your details can be used in order to announce the winner of the prize on any platform of their choice or for additional marketing activities. Giveaway prizes are for RSA residents only and can’t be shipped abroad. Winners have to meet ALL provided criteria in order to qualify for the prize. No late entries will be accepted. Burnt and Nü Food cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent or scamming activity of any form or nature. Burnt and Nü Food reserves the right to end a giveaway at any time if need be. Burnt and Nü Food reserves the right to pack the winner’s giveaway hamper with products of their choice. The value is based on the original asking price of our products. If a product is on sale or goes on sale during the campaign, the value of its original price will be used to count towards the final value of the hamper. There might also be physical prizes included in the giveaway.

Burnt x Nü Summer Campaign: Timeframe (24 January – 11 February  2022) The two winners will be chosen at random and will be announced on 14 February 2022. No late entries will be accepted. Only applicable to South African Citizens. The judge’s decision is final.